1 hour DIY | Yin Yang Necklace Set

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Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to start off by apologising for the horrible, HORRIBLE photo quality of the photos in this tutorial. I’m so sorry! I was really busy this past week and the only free time I had was late at night, hence the bad lighting.😦


I’ve been wanting to this tutorial for the longest time but never actually got to doing it. It’s a really simple and quick one that was inspired by one of thefashioncitizen‘s videos on Youtube (waaaay back; one of the monthly favourites I think).

I think this pendant set is a great handmade gift for a friend or loved one as a birthday present or simply just a sweet little gift to let someone know how much you appreciate him/her. The whole project took me less than 1 hours to complete, including the waiting time for the clay to dry, so it really is a quick and simple DIY project that you can do at home.

For the materials, you will need:

1. Clay.

I used paper clay simply because I don’t want to risk ruining my oven by baking polymer clay inside, but I highly recommend polymer clay for those of you who have separate crafting ovens. (so jealous)

2. Paint.

You will need black and white acrylic paint.

3. Jump rings

4. Necklace chain

5. Pen knife/ x-acto knife

6. Thin wire

Thats all! Now on with the tutorial:)

Step 1: Roll a small marble-size ball of clay in your hands and flatten it.

IMG-20140322-WA0085 IMG-20140322-WA0083

Step 2: Use a circular object to gauge the size of your yin yang pendant. You can use a coin or even a piece of paper you cut out. Then cut out the circle shape with your x-acto knife.

IMG-20140322-WA0086 IMG-20140322-WA0091

Step 3: Using something sharp like a needle or a toothpick, carefully trace out the shape of your yin and yang.

Tip: Before doing this, you might want to use a bit of water to smoothen out the edge of your circle.

IMG-20140322-WA0087 IMG-20140322-WA0089

Step 4: Cut out the yin and yang with your x-acto knife.

IMG-20140322-WA0090 IMG-20140322-WA0088

Step 5: Smoothen out the edges you just cut by rubbing it with just a bit of water.


Step 6: Cut two pieces of wire 4 to 5 cm long depending on the size of your pendant and fold them in half.

IMG-20140322-WA0099 IMG-20140322-WA0098

Step 7: After the clay has dried partially, insert the wires into the yin and yang pendants by simply lightly pushing them into the top of the pendants.

Tip: I like to ensure that the wires stay in place for a long long time, so I like to drip a drop of super glue around the base of the wire to make sure it is firmly attached to the clay.


Step 8: Colour your pendants! Paint the pendants using acrylic paint. Remember, one black, one white!

IMG-20140322-WA0095 IMG-20140322-WA0101

Step 9: Add the two dots to your pendant with acrylic paint. I used a cotton bud to dot the paint on.:)


Step 10: This step is optional, but I like to spray on a layer of clear spray paint onto my pendants to keep them waterproof. The spray paint I used was fairly inexpensive (around $2-3) and I can use it for many other future projects as well.


Step 11: Attach your jump rings to your pendants so that you can insert your necklace chain, pretty self-explanatory.


Step 12: Thread your necklace chain into the jump rings and VOILA! You have your very own hand-made yin yang necklace set!

CAM00288 CAM00294

Hope you liked the tutorial! Do follow my blog for more weekly DIY tutorials:)

Till next time!

p x

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