DIY | Sunflower Crop Top

Hi everyone!

Spring is here and recently, I’ve been seeing many big brands (such as Brandy Melvile and Forever21) launching their spring lines with lots of fun, flowery prints.

While walking around Chinatown shopping for fabric, I spotted this cute sunflower printed fabric that reminded me of American Apparel’s sunflower printed dress, going for $6 per yard. Not exactly cheap, but the quality was really good and I absolutely loved the print, so I decided to get 1 yard of it. 🙂

American Apparel’s sunflower dress

Materials you will need:

1. 1/2 to 1 yard of the cloth of your choice. 

2. Pattern drafting paper.

I got mine from Popular for around $2.

3. A marker

4. Sewing materials

Scissors, measuring tape, sewing pins etc.


How to: Sunflower Crop Top

1. Trace out half of a spaghetti strap top that you like the cutting of. I made mine a little shorter so it would be a crop. This will be the back of your  top.

 CAM00371 CAM00372

2. Add a seam allowance of 1cm around the entire template.

Make sure to label the template so you don’t mix it up later on! 🙂


3. Cut out your template and put it aside.

4. Trace out the exact same pattern on another piece of paper.


5. Create a dart at the bottom of your pattern.

Mark the centre point and 1cm on each side of it. Mark a point around 4″  above the centre point and join all the points with straight lines.


6. Create another dart on the side of armhole.

Fold the shoulder point towards the bottom of the armhole to find the centre of the armhole. Draw two points 1cm on both sides of that point.

CAM00383 CAM00384

7. Connect the two darts with a curved line to form a princess seam bodice.


8. Cut along the darts and the curved line.


9. Label the two pieces as Center Front and Side Front.

Make sure to note that there should be a 1cm seam allowance on the princess seam, and that the Center Front piece is cut on fold.


10. Draw out the strap according to the shape/size of your top.

I did mine in a bias tape style. 🙂


11. Trace and cut out all the pattern pieces. You should get the following 🙂

CAM00400 CAM00402

12. Sew the front pieces right sides together.

CAM00405 CAM00407

13. Insert the zip into the centre of the back pieces.

CAM00408 CAM00414

14. Fold the straps towards the centre and iron. Then fold both sides together again and sew.

  CAM00427 CAM00433

15. Hem the necklines and armholes of the front and back pieces.


16. Place the pieces right side together and sew down the sides.


17. Sew on the straps!

CAM00438 CAM00441

18. TA-DA!! You’re done!! 😀

CAM00442  CAM00445


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Till next time,

p x



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