DIY | No-sew Recycled Holographic Pleather Clutch


Isin’t this so cool??

I’ve just been so obsessed with this little bad boy here every since I made it! I think it looks really sleek and effortless and not at all handmade, even though it is so easy to create! I know I know, I sound really show-offy but I’m just so EXCITED about this!

I bet you can’t tell that this bag was made from none other than… BUBBLE WRAP and OLD CDs!! I came across the bubble wrap when I was organising my photography club’s new cameras and BAM I instantly thought of making it into a little clutch! I was quite disappointed at first that the bubbles were the hard kind that can’t really be popped by pressing. I mean, I know that they must be stronger to protect the cameras, but what’s the fun in bubble wrap not being pop-able?

So anyway, this is how it looked like:

IMG_2258 IMG_2262IMG_2267

So for this project, I only used 5 simple and cheap things that you can find really anywhere. Firstly, of course, is the bubble wrap. I used faux leather for the exterior fabric and a pretty little pink floral patterned fabric for the inside, but you can use any choice of fabric you wish! I was thinking of doing this with black and white striped exterior fabric, but decided to go for the pleather in the end as i thought it would last longer (have you seen the way I use my bags?). I then cut up some old CDs and glued them on with UHU glue, which works as well in my opinion as the E6000. Hot glue is possible too!


Firstly, you want to cut place your bubble wrap on the exterior fabric and draw out a pattern. It’s kind of hard to explain why it looks like this, but you’ll see along the way. Oh then of course, cut it out.

IMG_2273 IMG_2276

Next, cut a piece of the interior fabric so that it is just a little bit bigger than the bubble wrap both length and width wise so it wraps around the entire bubble wrap. This is because you want to have enough space to iron the edges inwards so they don’t fray.


P.S. I just recently discovered this little magical secret – the no-sew, iron-on hem tape! It saves so much time and is life saver!


So, using your iron-on tape, glue or needle and thread, fold in the corners and secure them in place!


Now here’s the tricky part: Fold up the interior fabric and insert it into the bubble wrap envelope, right sides together. Make sure your fabric sits nicely, then using whatever glue it is, apply it between the bubble wrap and fabric. You want to make sure the fabric stays in place and doesn’t fall out when you fish your phone out! IMG_2283IMG_2294IMG_2286

Also remember to glue down the flap at the top!

IMG_2288 IMG_2290

Your little lined clutch!


Okay next, place the lined bubble wrap on to the pattern that you have drawn and cut out. Then, glue down the flaps!

NOTE: do remember to cut a slit right where the flap meets the pocket! IMG_2299 IMG_2304 IMG_2306 IMG_2308 IMG_2310

For the bottom flap, simply apply glue and fold it upwards and into the pocket, and glue it in place!

IMG_2311 IMG_2315

And TADAA! You have your very own bubble wrap clutch! IMG_2318 IMG_2319

You can stop here if you prefer a plain clutch, but I decided to decorate mine with some old CDs, so they give off this cool holographic feel!

Firstly, take your scissors and cut right down the CD. You’ll realise that there are two layers to the CD, a metallic looking one and a clear plastic one. Simply peel the two apart!

IMG_2321 IMG_2323 IMG_2325

Next, you want to cut the CD into little angular pieces!


Now for the fun part – Arranging and glueing on the CD pieces! Make sure you’re satisfied with the arrangement before you finally stick it on to the front flap. 🙂

IMG_2328 IMG_2333

And there you have it! Your own holographic-y, cool looking clutch made 95% out of recycled materials! If you want, you can even go all out environmentally-friendly by cutting up some old jeans for the fabric!

IMG_2336 IMG_2337 IMG_2344 IMG_2345

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! Do share, like and comment down below, I’d love to hear your views!

Till next time!

p x


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