DIY | 1 hour Kimono Cardigan

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Kimonos are EVERYWHERE.

I just went shopping yesterday at Ion to celebrate the end of my exams (FINALLY), and every major fashion outlet  I visited all sold kimonos! These kimono cardigans were available in all sorts of prints – from tropical palm trees to pastel florals to even boho loooking feathers!

I simply love the kimono cardigan’s loose and flowy shape, and how it’s just so effortless-looking. I was soooo tempted to purchase the cute pastel one from H&M for $39.90, but managed to stop myself (with great effort). I mean, how hard could it be to make one myself, right?

Turns out, it was extremely easy!! I spent some time studying the shape of kimonos online,, and also noted the shape of the ones at H&M, and finally thought of a suitable pattern for it. Actually now that I think about it, there wasn’t even much of a pattern! I basically drew on the chiffon fabric itself and cut it out! 🙂

I spent only 1 hour sewing together this pretty kimono, so I guess I’ll rate it a 2/10 in terms of difficulty! 🙂

{If you tried and loved this tutorial, remember to tweet or instagram me pictures with the hashtag #PCDIY! :D}

Materials you’ll need:

1) Chiffon fabric of your choice

2) Sewing materials (sewing machine, pins etc.)

3) Measuring tape

That’s all!

Firstly, measure the following:

a. From end to end of sleeve

b. Length of armhole

c. End of sleeve to end of kimono

d. Length of sleeve from “body” of kimono

My measurements are:

a. 38″

b. 14″

c. 16″

d. 4″


The next two steps are pretty self explanatory – just draw out the shape of the kimono on the fabric!

Measurements: (a) by (b)+(c)


Measurements: Cut out (c) by (d) on both sides


Cut down the center of the front of the kimono. Only the front!



Then, sew down the shoulder and side seams!


And you’re done!



Once again, I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Have fun! 🙂

Till next time!

p x


53 thoughts on “DIY | 1 hour Kimono Cardigan

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  2. You left the salvage of the material on at the bottom? Great tutorial though. You can just hem the bottom that way it won’t fray. 🙂

    • Hi Emma, thanks! I cut the fabric such that the bottom of the cardigan would coincide with the edge of the fabric. Since the edge does not fray, I decided to leave it as it is as I thought the white fringe-like things at the edge of the fabric added to the bohemian vibe of the kimono. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. Why did you sew across the tops of the shoulders? Did you use two separate pieces of fabric, or was it one piece folded in half?

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for commenting. I used a piece that was folded in half, so i didn’t actually sew across the top. But for the sake of the people who didn’t manage to buy long enough fabrics to fold in half, i added the part about sewing across the top. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • Hi Kjirsten! I bought the fabric at my local fabric market (I live in Singapore), you could try fabric stores around your area too! Floral chiffon fabric is quite common so it should be easy to find! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for this. It was so easy. I bought a devore scarf in the charity shop for less than a fifth of the price of the jacket in a low end high street shop. My daughter loves it.

  6. I have to try this with a vintage handkerchief weight tablecloth with embroidery that is just waiting for someone to redeem it. (It has a hole, so will have to work around that) Thanks for the idea.

  7. Could you just fold a rectangle piece of fabric in half the long way then cut out the arms and front opening? Then you wouldn’t need to sew the shoulder seams.

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  9. Thanks for this, this is ace. I’m making it but having trouble hemming the sides and neckline. any tips on how you did this? xx

  10. Hi there! I’m from Singapore too, and have been looking for fabric in places other than Chinatown area and Spotlight. I’ve found that Mustafa has a pretty decent range too (with Japan Sevenberry!) but was wondering if you might have any other places to fabric-hunt?

    Thanks in advance! 😀

    • Hi shelly! I was actually thinking of doing a post featuring fabric supplies places that i know of just recently so I’m glad you asked! Sure, I will start collating all the info I have and post something soon. Meanwhile, do note that I have moved my blog to, so check there for updates as this blog will be inactive. See you there! 🙂

      • I only noticed that AFTER I had left this comment. lol
        But yes, I’m subscribed to the newer URL RSS. Will be looking forward to that post! 🙂

        P.S. There’s a textile stall at the market near my place that sells $2/yard cottons in cute kiddy and floral prints!

      • Near Boon Keng MRT Station! I haven’t gone to the stall in a couple of weeks because my kids have been ill, but when I do go again, I intend to take some photos for the benefit of the public! lol

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  12. is the measurement under the sleeves (from outer edge of sleeve inward towards side seam) really 4 inches? I’m cutting my fabric at the moment and it seems so short.

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  14. Hello, Just came across your pattern. Really nice. When you cut down the front of the
    kimono….what is the approximately width that you made at the top for the neck portion?
    Thank you.

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  16. Love this and it’s so easy!! Well easy until I got to the neck part. Is there a trick to hemming that part? Because I folded my material over it made it hard to sew it nicely.

    • Hi Leann! I actually zigzag stiched the edges to keep them from fraying before turning them inwards and topstiching. Glad you liked the post! 🙂

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