Thrift Shopping in Singapore


If you’ve ever watched The Fashion Citizen, Jenn Im or Grav3yardgirl’s videos on Youtube, you probably would have noticed how many trendy people are thrifting their clothes from local thrift stores nowadays. One of my favourite style icons Lua P. from, also buys alot of her clothing from thrift stores. However, you might also have realised that these same people are very often not from Singapore, or even Asia. Most are living in America or Europe. Is this because there are no thrift shops in Singapore? Or is it simply because the “famous” Singaporeans (bloggers, vloggers etc) don’t know about the preloved world?

Many people think that Singapore is no place for thrifting, giving me weird looks when I say I enjoy shopping at thrift stores. No, my fashion sense isn’t super eccentric or granny-esque. Infact, I consider myself to be fairly “mainstream” and fad-ish, as sad as it may sound. I’ve been to many flea markets before, and to be honest the clothes they sell there are a lot more fashionable and possibly even cheaper than the ones you find at thrift stores. Afterall, these are clothes that people have donated. However, the joy and thrill in thrifting to me lies not in the price or how fashionable the pieces are. Rather, it is about finding those EUREKA! pieces of clothing that you dig out from under heaps and heaps of other junk, instantly thinking of a million ways to style it or DIY it into something more fashionable. I think the fun lies in challenging yourself to style clothes that are supposedly out-dated – the rejects and the preloved.

Honestly, wearing  “old” clothes doesn’t bother me at all. (Although it really bothers my mother that I’m wearing someone else’s old clothes. But that’s a story for another time.) If it looks perfectly fine and has been washed, then I don’t see a problem. Of course, some people feel that the clothes might still be dirty or carry some sort of weird disease, but really, what are the chances of that happening? How many illnesses can be passed on through clothing after it’s been washed?

So I recently visited the Salvation Army Family Thrift Store (not sure if that’s what it’s called) in Bishan and was pleasantly surprised at the number of “fashionable” items I found. Here are some pics. Sorry for the horrible photo quality! I snapped this off my phone so the photos are really grainy and blur.


They have LOADS of jeans!

CAM01387 CAM01392

Skater skirts and denim pencil skirts with tags still attached – who would’ve guessed?

CAM01393 CAM01395 CAM01398CAM01400

P.S. I don’t suggest buying bikinis.


A whole pile of brand new skinny jeans with tags still attached!

CAM01404CAM01426 CAM01405

They sell lots of other stuff too – furniture, stuffed animals, suitcases, paintings – you name it!

CAM01407 CAM01409 CAM01410 CAM01411

Shoes, shoes and more SHOES!

CAM01413 CAM01414

They also had really pretty wedding dresses up for sale! Great idea if you’re thinking of saving some money yet still finding a good quality wedding dress. Just bring it to a tailor and have it altered to fit you!


More wedding dresses!!


Cheerleading anyone?


Managed to find quite a few blogshop brands too!

 CAM01428 CAM01430 CAM01432 CAM01435 CAM01437 CAM01438

They have brand new phone cases too 🙂

CAM01440 CAM01441 CAM01443 CAM01444 CAM01446

And for the most surprising finds – shoes! Unlike the previous ones, I was shocked to find creepers, Dr Martens, heeled oxfords and even jelly sandals! Most had super clean soles and were in almost perfect condition. I was really tempted to buy the creepers at $10 even though it was a tad bit tight but finally decided against it. But oh the Dr Marts! They are exactly my size and fit like a glove, but was originally priced at $60. Crazy I know! I went to ask the auntie at the counter for the price and to my utter surprise she actually said “for you, $30”! I was so close to buying them, but stopped myself just in time after thinking about how to style such bold red boots. Should I buy them? Let me know in the comments below!


So that is it for this really lengthy post! I’ll be sharing with you guys what I bought on this trip and how I DIY-ed them to make them instantly more wearable, so follow to not miss out! Comment and share too if you agree with my views on thrift shops and if you disagree, tell me why too! We can have a nice little conversation about this. 😀

Till next time!



5 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping in Singapore

  1. OMG buy the boots, man! I think you could easily mod podge over it with fabric to restyle it since it has a smooth surface? I haven’t started experimenting with refashioning of shoes (and I don’t think I would either) but it’s something I’ve seen overseas bloggers do!

    I’ve been thinking of visiting the largest Savo at Serangoon, but for some reason my plans kept getting shelved. After seeing your post, I’ll definitely make a trip there once all 3 of my kids have recovered from HFMD and are back in school. I am seeing the potential of many pieces that can be refashioned/upcycled!

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