The 35mm Waterproof Camera


Hi guys – *cricket sounds*

Okay maybe nobody checks back here already. I’m so sorry for not updating for so long! My end year exams are next week (cries) and my wifi has been down all week, and still isn’t working so I have to resort to posting this on precious mobile data hotspot!

Okay on to today’s post. I got this waterproof film camera (your can buy it here) as a gift from my senior in school two months ago and was so excited as I’ve never tried shooting film before. Yes I know I know – I’m really young. Since this is technically my first time using a film camera, I won’t consider this a review of any sort, but more of a sharing of my experience, and boy do I have some experience to share.


So here’s the camera. They come in lots of different colours and even different prints!


It comes with a transparent casing to make it waterproof, and it basically works like those food storage containers with locks on the side.

IMG_9639IMG_9641  IMG_9642 IMG_9643IMG_9646

Inside, the camera is pretty basic, and looks pretty much like any regular 1990s camera.

I don’t think the camera actually has an actual name. All that’s written on the box is “35mm waterproof film camera”, but that basically sums up what it is. Ironically, I haven’t tried taking any pictures in water yet, but I will soon and will probably write another post on it.

So the camera has no lens, no focus and no accurate viewfinder. Both viewfinders (the one that you have to pull up and the one built in) are quite obviously higher than the ‘lens’, hence it really doesn’t make sense to frame your picture so accurately in the viewfinder. That said however, I still prefer to take a quick peek into the little hole before snapping anything just to feel a little more secure.

Ok so now on to the results. Here’s how some of my photos turned out:

img104 img105 img108 img109 img110

I shot on a standard 35mm ISO200 film, but MAJORITY of the 36 exposures I had came back totally underexposed. Most were just plain black. The printing shop lady explained that if a film camera didn’t come with a flash, then you would probably only be able to take photos in bright, bright daylight. Only around 7-8 photos I took were reasonably viewable and they were all taken in really bright conditions.

Oh and p.s. I really wanted to try playing around with double exposures, but found that this camera only allowed one exposure per frame.

The photos have a pretty lomograhic sort-of effect, and are really saturated but grainy. As you can probably tell, my finger(s) made a guest appearance in most of the photos. My theory is that the camera is a lot more wide angled than I’d expected, but my friend claims my finger was just in the way the whole time. Either way, that’s definitely not a mistake I’ll be making again.

I had the photos developed at Aspario Professional Labs Printing Service, a little photo shop near Potong Pasir Mrt. It cost $5 for developing and $7 for the photos to be saved in a CD. However the counter lady was so sweet and decided to charge me only $3 to save the photos in a thumbdrive I provided, after seeing that more than 20 photos were 100% black hahaha.

I’m really excited to try some underwater shots on the camera, so do stay tuned to see how that goes!

Till next time,



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