Sewing Supplies in Singapore?

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Today’s topic is about sewing supplies and where you can find them in Singapore. I know many of my readers are not from Singapore, but bear with me! Hopefully it’ll be interesting to you guys to see what the sewing supply scene in Singapore is like. I’d love to find out more about where you guys get your sewing supplies and the price range too!

1) Chinatown People’s Park Complex, 2nd floor.

This is where I buy 98% of my fabrics! I visit this place at least once a month, usually twice, to stock up on fabrics. I absolutely love this place and the friendly uncles and aunties who own the shops.


– LARGE selection of printed (and plain) cotton and polyesters

– Variety. Able to find tulle, chiffon, leather (real and faux), fur (mostly faux), denim, burlap etc.

– Average sized selection of zips, lace trim, buttons etc.

– Affordable!

– Convenient. Located right beside Chinatown MRT!


– Small selection of jersey and stretchable fabrics in general. If there is, it’ll probably be pretty pricey (around $10+).

Price Range: $1.80 to $18 per yard

Average Price: $4.50 per yard

Some pics:

IMG_0015 (2) IMG_9942 (2) IMG_9947 (2) IMG_9964 (2) IMG_9991 (2) IMG_9997 (2) IMG_9999 (2)

 2) Arab Street, most fabric stores along the street

To be honest, I hardly ever shop here. I always thought the fabrics here were extremely pricey judging by the displays in each store front. However, after venturing and some exploration, I realised that the cheaper fabrics are mostly found deep inside the store, or at least not right in the front. Convenience is not fantastic though, requiring a 10 minute walk from Bugis MRT.


– Extremely large variety of fabrics. Silk, polyester, cotton, denim, lace, coloured burlap, knits, flannels – you name it!

– Tons of beads, buttons and small jewellery items


– Can’t seem to find many ‘closure tools’, e.g. zips, velcro, snap buttons etc

– Some fabrics are extremely pricey, look out for the occasional sale remnants basket!

Price Range: $2 to $35 per yard

Average price: $8 per yard

Some pics:

IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0061 IMG_0087

3) Jalan Sultan Textile Centre, 3 whole floors of wholesale sewing accessories.

Again, I rarely visit this place as it’s quite out of the way (15 minute walk from Lavander MRT). Also, the textile centre mainly caters to large, wholesale orders, so it might not be as ideal for most home sewers like me. Although, if you were to order in bulk, the price per piece can be reduced by 40-50%!


– LARGE selection of zippers! YKK zippers of all colours, lengths and styles can be found here!

– HUGE selection of beads.

– Tons of elastics, trimmings and closures!

– Great for bulk orders


– Can be quite expensive if you purchase individually. Orders above 10 are usually more worth it.

– Not many textile shops here, ironically.

Price Range: $4-$7 for a 5m spool of elastic (depends on order)

Some pics:

IMG_0022 (2) IMG_0024 (2) IMG_0025 (2) IMG_0029 (2) IMG_0031 (2)

4) Daiso

Not a conventional source for sewing supplies, but Daiso’s craft section is surprisingly cheap and good! (For those of you who don’t know, everything in Daiso is $2.) Also, having many branches all around Singapore, it is really quite convenient!


– Cheap and affordable. $2 everything!

– Fairly wide variety of trimmings, zips, thread and felt.

– Convenient!

– Really unique tools too. I found a Styrofoam cutter and DIY fabric buttons.


– Small selection of fabrics

Some pics:

IMG_0032 IMG_0034 IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0041 IMG_0043 IMG_0045 IMG_0046 IMG_0048

5) Spotlight

An extremely popular fabric store, and undoubtedly the largest in Singapore, it would almost be wrong not to mention Spotlight. The variety of fabrics and sewing supplies is overwhelming, and everything you need to start sewing can be found there, complete with dressmaking patterns and adjustable mannequins. However, I find the things there extremely overpriced, hence I only shop there if the fabric I’m looking for is really hard to find. Even the uncle from my favourite fabric stall in Chinatown tells me that Spotlight sells their stuff at double to quadruple times the normal selling price! Spotlight is located in Plaza Singapura (Dhoby Gaut MRT).


– Extremely large variety of fabrics, from cotton to neoprene.

– TONS of sewing accessories. Adjustable mannequins, huge-ass rulers, sewing patterns, they even sell sewing machines.

– If I’m not wrong, they also hold sewing classes for beginner and intermediate levels.


– Very pricey.

– From my personal experience, the staff at Spotlight can be quite unhelpful and sometimes verging on rudeness.  However there are the rare few that are nice and smiley too, so I choose very carefully before approaching any of the staff haha.

Price Range: $6 to $45 per metre

Average price: $14 per metre

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to head down to Spotlight to snap some pics, but here are some that I found online:

show_resize_image photo-4 photo-5 IMG_8248

Pictures are taken from, and

And that’s it! I’m sure there are many other places around Singapore that sell fabric but these are just some of the few major ones that I feel everyone should know of. Do like this post if it was helpful and leave a comment if you know of any good sewing supply store in Singapore!

Pearlyn 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sewing Supplies in Singapore?

  1. When I saw the first photo in this post, I was like TENG JOO!!!! (Yes I’ll admit I dig that bin every time I go there.) Their prices are cheaper than Chinatown, but to be honest, is really hard to navigate because of the way they store/display their fabrics. -_-

    I usually walk from Arab Street down towards Textile Centre if I’m in the area. I love the range of elastics at this shop called “Sungai” (L1), they even have printed and glitter elastics – perfect for exposed waistbands!

    You really should check out the B1 level of the oldest Mustafa building. (They have 3 buildings in total.) I love that it’s 24-hours everyday and I’m not limited to shopping hours, but they have no stretch fabrics either, just like the most of the stores around SG. 😦

  2. The only places I know for fabric and other sewing supplies, in Texas are the craft stores, hobby lobby and joanns. I don’t know if we have places with low priced fabric. Maybe I just don’t know about them…

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