How to sew: Pocket Inserts



This tutorial is on how to sew a simple conventional side pocket for pants or skirts. These pockets can be sewn into pretty much anything  – skirts, shorts, pants or jumpsuits – oh the possibilities! (See how i used them in a pair of culottes here.)



Trace out the rough shape of an pocket from one of your existing garments. Cut out 4 of these.


Snip the corners of two of the pocket inserts. If you want the shape of the pocket to be slightly curved as in most jeans, feel free to cut a curve at the edge of the pocket insert. Here I chose to make straight cut pockets.


With all pieces placed right side up and aligned accordingly, sew along the dotted lines.


Snip off the corner of the main pattern of the garment (pants, skirt or whatever else you’re making), making sure that the shape and size of the piece cut out is exactly the same as the one on the pocket insert.


Sew the green edges right sides together!

Picture2 IMG_0895

Top stitch to hold the pocket in place.


And you’re done! Just continue sewing the garment as you normally would and you get nicely finished, clean looking pockets.


Back view of the pockets.


With love,



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