DIY| Easy Minimalist Culottes


Culottes are definitely the one thing I never expected to reappear in the fashion scene, but I am unquestionably enjoying their revival. Regardless whether this flowy silhouette is going to be a short-lived one, I plan on making full use of its comfort and effortlessly chic vibe.

Instead of paying over $30 for a pair of these classic black culottes, here’s how I made my own with less than $10 and two hours, max.


What I used: A pair of shorts/pants that fit nicely, about 3 yards of fabric, a zipper, some form of closure (no breakup involved), scissors and a sewing machine.


Trace out your main pattern as seen above with a fitted pair of shorts or pants that you like the cut of. The additional 6″ of fabric is to allow for pleats later on. Cut out 4 of these.


You should get 4 such pieces. I wanted mine to go just past my knee, so my length was around 30″+1″ for seam allowance.


Cut out a strip of fabric for the waistband.


This is optional, but I decided to create pockets on the front of the culottes. If you don’t know how to sew in pocket inserts, I have a really simple tutorial for them here.


Create three 1″ knife pleats as such on each of the four main pieces, and pin them in place.


Place the two front pieces right sides together and sew down the dotted lines. Then do the same for the back pieces.


Place the front and back pieces right sides together and sew along the dotted lines.


Seam rip the center back seam to the length of your zipper and sew in your zipper.


Sew one side of your waistband to your culottes, placing the waistband and culottes right sides together.


Fold in your waistband and topstich to secure in place.


You can now add any type of closure you wish to the extra 2″ of fabric on your waistband.

Now, just hem the bottom of your pant legs and you’re done!




With love,



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