DIY | 1 hour Kimono Cardigan

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Kimonos are EVERYWHERE.

I just went shopping yesterday at Ion to celebrate the end of my exams (FINALLY), and every major fashion outlet  I visited all sold kimonos! These kimono cardigans were available in all sorts of prints – from tropical palm trees to pastel florals to even boho loooking feathers!

I simply love the kimono cardigan’s loose and flowy shape, and how it’s just so effortless-looking. I was soooo tempted to purchase the cute pastel one from H&M for $39.90, but managed to stop myself (with great effort). I mean, how hard could it be to make one myself, right?

Turns out, it was extremely easy!! I spent some time studying the shape of kimonos online,, and also noted the shape of the ones at H&M, and finally thought of a suitable pattern for it. Actually now that I think about it, there wasn’t even much of a pattern! I basically drew on the chiffon fabric itself and cut it out! 🙂

I spent only 1 hour sewing together this pretty kimono, so I guess I’ll rate it a 2/10 in terms of difficulty! 🙂

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DIY | No-sew Recycled Holographic Pleather Clutch


Isin’t this so cool??

I’ve just been so obsessed with this little bad boy here every since I made it! I think it looks really sleek and effortless and not at all handmade, even though it is so easy to create! I know I know, I sound really show-offy but I’m just so EXCITED about this!

I bet you can’t tell that this bag was made from none other than… BUBBLE WRAP and OLD CDs!! I came across the bubble wrap when I was organising my photography club’s new cameras and BAM I instantly thought of making it into a little clutch! I was quite disappointed at first that the bubbles were the hard kind that can’t really be popped by pressing. I mean, I know that they must be stronger to protect the cameras, but what’s the fun in bubble wrap not being pop-able?

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