Building a camera from scratch? | Inspiration!

A matchbox pinhole camera. Image taken from

Have you ever considered making your own camera from scratch?

Well not scratch, but from 90% scrap materials. Yup, I’m talking about pinhole cameras. I chanced upon them only a few days ago while looking at some lomography photographs and have been obsessed ever since. If you don’t know what pinhole cameras are, they are basically the simplest, most basic form of cameras – effectively just a light-proof box with a small hole on one side. And yes, they are incredibly easy to DIY with millions of tutorials and versions of how to do so online. Simply google “pinhole camera” and you’ll find some pretty cool ones right away.

Being a 90s kid, I grew up in a world so dependent on technology and digital media that I never really thought about how cameras work and the whole science behind it. It was simple – point and shoot. Of course, I learnt about ISO, aperture, shutter speed etcetera, but my understanding pretty much stopped at how to use a camera, and not what a camera is. So when I stumbled upon this amazing camera and the amazing community of people out there dedicated to this form of photography, I was amazed. Just a matchbox, some film,  and duck tape and you have a camera that actually takes photos? I was, and still very much am, so excited and so so curious. 

Here are some useful links and videos that really helped me understand pinhole cameras:






I really want to try building my own little pinhole camera, and I promise I will once I get hold of some free time. Till next time!